Company Policy

The high quality of our products and service is our top priority. This is our prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers. This way we maintain our competitiveness and secure the jobs of our employees.

To guarantee this quality, we build upon these solid principals:

  • We continuously invest in state-of-the-art facilities and provide the necessary resources.
  • Our management system is checked and improved constantly.
  • Our employees bear a high level of personal responsibility and are involved in the current processes.
  • We have an open and active information policy in our company.

In our company, error prevention comes before error detection. We therefore check every single part and strive for a 0-error rate. Our employees are continuously trained and sensitized to this goal.

Avoiding mistakes comes before finding mistakes, in our company. For this reason we check every single part and strive to achieve a zero error rate. Our employees are specially trained and are constantly aware of this goal.

Environmental, energy and occupational safety are important issues for us. We are committed to regularly monitoring compliance with the applicable regulations and laws and to implementing the requirements in our company. Within the scope of our energy and environmental management system according to DIN ISO 50001 and DIN ISO 14001 we commit ourselves to

  • define and pursue appropriate strategic and operational energy targets.
  • provide all necessary information and resources to achieve legal, strategic, and operational objectives.
  • increase our energy efficiency in a continuous process and improve environmental performance.
  • comply with all legal requirements regarding energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency.
  • take energy efficiency into account in procurement.
  • promote our employees’ awareness of efficient energy use, our environmental responsibility and occupational health and safety, and to set a good example as an acting company.
  • maintain open and appropriate internal communication with the energy management system, key energy use areas and the fulfilment of strategic and operational energy targets.
  • reduce the volume of waste as far as possible.
  • keep the use of raw, auxiliary, and operating materials as low as possible.